What our customers say:

"One feature I like is how we can supply a bio scope and you can work off that and the dropbox files. The quick turnaround is also great.”

-Gordy Powell, Georgia Clean, 4/19

“Tricia/Joe1 and Joe2 - Thank you so much for your help, I will be sure to spread the news of your services should anyone cross my path with water issues. Your customer service rep (Tricia) was wonderful! She was informative, pleasant and extremely helpful. Also, Joe 2 was very knowledgeable and patient in attempting to find my water issue.”

-Tracy Morris, Water Damage, 6/08

“Very satisfied. Very fast response. My wife is very please with the work, so I'm pleased. No issue with you guys at all. You came out and did what you were supposed to do. You were great.”

-John Yang, Water Damage, 3/08

“I’m very satisfied. You guys were awesome. You were the first ones that came out. You were very easy to work with, and you know your stuff. I will definitely refer you guys.”

-Nancy Brown, Ingencio, Commercial Water Damage, 1/08

“Great. Everything went just fine. The guys were very personable. They tried to explain everything to me. They gave me an idea of what to expect with the procedure and the costs.”

-Chantel Cohen, Water Damage, 12/07

“Completely satisfied. Techs were friendly and professional. Everything was absolutely great.”

-Justin Gianniny, Sewage Damage, 12/07

“We are very satisfied. The techs were very professional. They were very good. Everything was great.”

-Pam Campbell, Water Damage, 11/07

“Very satisfied with everything. Was most impressed with the timeliness. ”

-Will Lofdahl - GA Dome, Water Damage, 10/07

“Everything went great. They did a good job.”

-Stephanie Adams, Water Damage, 12/07

“We’re very satisfied. The technicians were responsive, and dried it up quickly. We were very pleased.”

-Mrs. Rawls, Water Damage, 12/07

“Excellent Work. We are very satisfied. Everything was very professional.”

-Michael Couey, Sparkles, Water Damage, 10/07

“They did a great job. We’re very satisfied.”

–Mark Cooney - GA Dome, Water Damage, 10/07

“Techs were very friendly and professional. They were always on time or earlier. Very informative.”

-Terry Jaillet, Sewage Damage, 12/07

“Joe was very thorough. I was very impressed. He seemed to know what he was doing. He gave me a list of things I needed to do, and I’m in the process of doing them.”

-Sue White, Thermal Imaging Scan, 8/07

“Everything was good. They responded in a timely manner. Joe explained everything in detail. There were no surprises.”

-Regina Wolf, Water Damage, 9/07

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