DRC specializes in helping companies expand their services in an organized fashion using systems. Below is a list of a few of the modules that are covered as part of each system. They have been developed by Joe Pierron, who spent over $100,000 in marketing his business over 12 years in business. He took his business from a one-man show cleaning carpet to employing 12 people specializing in restoration services.

Imagine billing $1500 instead of $150 for the same service without adding much effort. What if you could double or triple that number for your business? How would your life change?

While this probably sounds too good to be true, Joe learned what worked and what didn't work regarding systems he used in his business over the years.

His goal is to help you learn from his mistakes so you don’t have to endure the long years of hardship, financial problems and family sacrifice that he had to make because he didn’t know enough to implement a proven system sooner. You will learn about a decision that lost him over $4,000 that must be avoided!

Why pay a franchise $10,000s or $100,000s in royalties over the years when you can hire a consultant to show you the ropes for a fraction of the up-front investment and no on-going royalties?

Call Joe Pierron at 770-318-3106 to discuss what options are available based on the current status and future goals of your business. Joe will customize a program just for you. Below is an overview of 6 modules:


What really works and what to avoid. This alone is worth the value of the training, as Joe probably wasted 8-17 times your investment in his services on ineffective marketing. He'll even take a look at several free marketing methods and show you how to determine if they're even worth investing your time to attempt. He'll also arm you with the ability to decipher what advertisers are really offering you and how to avoid many of the marketing traps that small business owners make unknowingly.


Working with people who have suffered trauma by a disaster requires kid gloves. How you deal with customers at the point of the sale will go a long way on whether you will get future business opportunities from that client. He covers the psychology of dealing with the client to help you provide an overwhelmingly positive experience. Whether you have or never had formal sales or customer service training, this will be very revealing, as not many businesses experience customers in such a state. If you really hate selling, then this will be even more valuable to you, as you’ll still need to understand what your sales people are doing and have a plan in place for them to represent you.


He'll review your current business structure and make the necessary enhancements to help you cover the 3 primary project stages for your customers. If you don't currently have an operations manual, this section alone can help you see where you have made organizational mistakes that cost you dearly in the past, perhaps without you even realizing it.


With all the people we've hired in the past, we can show you how to leverage certain hiring practices to reduce your monthly out-of-pocket expenses while still getting the help you need. We'll also cover the types of people you can expect to hire depending on the staffing structure you choose and how to write ads and/or find people for those openings for less.


From getting started on a shoestring to creating an additional revenue stream for your business, we'll show you how to get started for less and develop a long term plan to grow a stable business with the tools you need to get the job done right. This section includes some less conventional tools that have additional marketing value beyond their standard use on day-to-day jobs. We can also save you the time and stress of finding quality vendors by introducing you to our personal contacts.


As an approved instructor by the Georgia State Insurance Board and Real Estate Commission continuing education credit programs, to go along with industry training, DRC can flatten your learning curve to knowing how to handle the more difficult aspects of this sub-niche and even go on projects with you in the field as part of the training and on-going support for any challenges you may face. This also includes arming you with the pre-requisite technical vocabulary you’ll need to know to answer the standard and tougher questions you’ll receive to make you instantly look like a pro and help you gain respect and get more referrals for the future. Joe continues his education and research to this day, as the industry is ever changing.


Whether you need just one or all of these modules, DRC can customize a package to help your business grow exponentially. Call 770-318-3106 today to get more details and to schedule a 1-1 interview, in person or over the phone, to see if this program is a good match for your business. If we agree that I may be able to help your business grow, you will be sent the proposed modules with bullet points that will be covered in each, along with your nominal investment required. Don’t wonder what could be happening and start thinking about how much more you will be earning by applying the toughest lesson I learned: If only we had implemented a system sooner, where would we be today?


For insurance professionals: 'Responding to Disasters' This qualifies for 3 hours of continuing education credits in ethics.

For real estate professionals: ‘Mold and the Adverse Human Health Effects’ This qualifies for 3 hours of continuing education credits by the Georgia Real Estate Commission . This course is truly eye opening and informative, discussing topics such as:

History of mold

Types of mold

Five factors for mold growth

Adverse health effects

Understanding moisture

How to prevent mold

How to remove mold

What to look for when inspecting

What if I have a crawl space?

Can mold be a problem even if we don't see it?

Who is at risk of having adverse health effects?

Call 770-318-3106 to arrange to have a seminar taught to your office personnel, your entire company, or just a few of you. We can come to your location at a time convenient for you. The course content is tailored to your company or profession if you are not a real estate professional.

Joe Pierron has already taught this course to Carpet Cleaning companies and Home Inspectors prior to it being certified by the GA R.E.C. Joe’s intention is to get accurate information to the public in order for them to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to their homes and the health of the occupants.

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