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One of the top reasons why fifty percent of businesses fail in the first year is due to the inability to turn a profit. Even when most businesses have been in business for years, there are areas that could use improvement that directly affect the bottom line. One of these is developing and implementing a system to charge for all services performed.

Restoration/ remediation companies are providing services, not goods, for the most part. If a technician provides a service such as taping brown paper to the entrance of a client home or removes a door slab or inspects the cushion under a carpet, are these services recorded or DOCUMENTED in order to be included on the client invoice?

Developing a Scope Sheet to use on jobs is vital. This includes services provided that the company offers that may or may not be included on every job. If a technician, or for that matter, an owner/operator performs work in a client home or business and makes up an invoice from memory after getting back to the office (desk in your man cave?), will he remember all the services performed on the job and what the company charges for each?

This is where Disaster Restoration Consulting Estimating Services comes in. We provide scope sheets with instructions for water damage restoration, mold remediation, bio-cleanup, reconstruction and more. Best of all, there is no charge for any of these to companies that use our estimating service.

What does the service involve?

Our estimating service involves transferring data from Scope Sheets provided by companies to industry accepted software, such as Xactimate, and returning the 'estimate' as termed by Xactimate to send to the commissioning agent or insurance company, along with any other documents used for billing purposes. We also provide free guidance and training regarding the process.

We can provide contact information of companies that currently use our services.

What does it take to get started?

Here is a list of steps to begin receiving estimates from us:

1 Fill out an Estimating Application

2 Provide a company logo in jpg format

3 Complete Scope Sheet we provide and return via Email

That's it! The learning curve is short in order to receive estimates that receive little or no 'push back' from insurance carriers. Call Joe Pierron at 770-318-3106 or Email to get started.

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